Tucked away in the beautiful surrounds of the
Constantia Valley, offering a most peaceful environment,
our highly trained therapists uphold a reputation for being
meticulous, passionate and result driven. We take a
non-invasive and unique approach in combating your
skin concerns.

Keeping up to date with cutting edge technology and
product ingredient development, we have a wide
range of treatments on
offer to synergistically
help you rectify concerns
and maintain optimal skin
health, while fighting the
life-long battle against
gravity, genetics and the

Claire Gould
Beauty Therapist & Owner

fuzzy image Fuzzy
"Dedicated to satisfying your needs, I cherish the personal interaction. I will always be willing to accommodate."

Jackie | The Skin Aesthetics Clinic Jackie
"I love to see results, whether it's a pretty pair of feet, or improvement in a skin condition. To see a client satisfied with my work fills me with joy."

Claire | The Skin Aesthetics Clinic

"I pride myself on the intimate environment, where the client can feel completely comfortable to put their skin care and beauty needs in our hands. We promise to uphold our exclusive reputation of being meticulous, passionate and result driven."

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