Retistore Peel
(posted June 2015)

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Kojac Potato Plant Sponges
(posted June 2015)

konjac sponges

Eyelash Extensions

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Tree Of Life Pure Organic Argan Oil

Known as the "Tree of Life" the Argania Spinosa grows exclusively in the south-west of Morocco. As a rare and endangered species, the argan forest was put under the protection of UNESCO. The oil is extracted from the seed of the fruit produced and is highly valued for it's unique health and cosmetic benefits.

The oil bears excellent qualities for skin care due to it's high Vitamin E content. This fat soluble vitamin provides free radical protection, anti-inflammatory properties as well as deep nourishment. The oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as, eczema, psoriasis, dryness, scarring and stretch marks, as well as serving as an excellent hair and scalp treatment.

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